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Annette Bell ’16 Plays for Andover at All-Star Tournament

For the third year in a row, Co-Captain Annette Bell ’16 represented Andover Girls Volleyball in the annual All-Star Tournament this past Saturday at a volleyball complex in Connecticut.

“It was a really humbling experience overall. Not only was I picked to play from my team, but I played alongside other great athletes and great volleyball players. I learned a lot from playing with the other girls. They helped me improve my play and I helped them, even in one game together,” said Bell.

Bell, Andover’s setter, played alongside girls from other prep schools — such as Exeter, Choate, BB&N and Milton — and from various public schools. The teams were organized based on position to allow players to showcase their talent. Bell’s team finished in second place out of nine teams.

“Teams were all mixed up and I didn’t find out who was going to be on my team until the day of the tournament. I ended up playing with two girls from Exeter, a girl from BB&N and some other people. Playing with girls that I typically play against forced me to learn how to work with them really quickly and efficiently, and gave me a whole different view of the game,” said Bell.

The purpose of the tournament is to create a memorable experience for a select few members on each team in the league.

Over 60 schools from the greater New England area in the A, B and C Division participated in the tournament. Two to three players from each school make two teams and play against each other in a competitive and fun match. The three people that Andover selected to compete this year were Bell, Alex Becker ’15 and Co-Captain Erica Shin ’16. However, Bell was Andover’s sole representative.