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Top 10 Things About Family Weekend

10. It’s a four-day weekend!! ?Except for athletes with a fall sport… they have games on Saturday and practice on Tuesday.

9. No tests or quizzes… over the weekend. Wednesday is completely up for grabs.

8. At least ten hours of travel for all non-local boarding students.

7. Flu Shots.

6. Some parents will watch their kids win their games, but some will watch them get absolutely destroyed (no offense, Football).

5. Students conveniently have fewer days to turn in overnight slips.

4. Parents can do your laundry from the first weeks of school.

3. You can leave your plates and silverware wherever at home because “your parents do work here.”

2. Every doctor’s appointment you have been dreading.

1. No longer able to avoid telling your parents why you have a “3-” in German 100.