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Lexi Davidson ’17: Field Hockey

_With five goals to her name this season, including one in Andover Field Hockey’s most recent game against Choate, center-midfielder Lexi Davidson ’17 is an offensive threat on the turf. At 5’1¨, Davidson has a dangerous shot, weaves through her defenders with excellent ball-handling skills and is the team’s go-to player on corner hits. She also maintains extensive knowledge of the game and is a strong defender. _

_Having played an important role in Andover Field Hockey for the past two seasons, specifically in the past two games, Davidson has earned the title of _The Phillipian’s _Athlete of the Week. _


**_What motivates you? _**

_My teammates. Seeing all of the girls on my team giving their all in each game, it motivates me to as well. When I go out on the field, I don’t play for myself; I play for them. _


**_What are your pre-game rituals?_**

_I put my hair up with an elastic and then my scrunchie over the elastic. Then, I put my Lululemon headband on. My hair has to look perfect_ **_. _**


**_What do you think when you step onto the turf?_**

_I visualize myself playing well, and I create a game plan in my mind of what I want to do accomplish. I think of how I am going to score or pass down the field or burn a girl in the midfield. _


**_Describe yourself as a player in one word._**

_Argumentative: I fight with the refs a lot. _


**_Favorite goal celebration? _**

_Hugging and cheering with my teammates. Then, taking the ball out of the net, putting it back in the center of the field and feeling the envious looks of my opponents. _


**_What’s your best shot?_**

_Definitely my chip shot._


**_What’s the first thing you think when you score?_**

_“Thank goodness it went in.”_


**_Favorite field hockey accessory?_**

_My scrunchie. My teammate Lila [Dolan ’15] and I have matching ones._


**_What’s the best part of PAFH?_**

_Creating friendships that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. Bonding with my teammates and knowing that they’ll always have my back. [Andover Field Hockey] has the most special team environment of any team that I’ve ever been on. We have lots of pre-game and post-game traditions, including wearing our skirts to classes on game days. Also, my favorite tradition is every home game [when Captain Eva Toffoloni ’15] writes an A on each of our left hands as a reminder that we represent Andover. _


**_Goals for the season?_**

_To win the championship._