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Spike Ball

Spike ball is a game played with two teams of two players (known to themselves as “Spikers” and by others as “Try Hards”). The game is played as each team attempts to smack a ball onto a small net. This can be done either by passing the ball to a teammate or by dramatically diving for incredibly easy shots in order to impress the single spectator. The game is meant to be played during the springtime, specifically during cut classes and then during the classes you cut after that. This year’s Varsity Spike Ball team will be led by none other than Onliewares Tanks ’14, a Post-Graduate spike ball recruit who has descended from many of the spiking legends of past generations. Some say he even descended from the first legendary spiker himself: Broseidon. However, the season is off to a slow start. During practices and games, faculty and students have occasionally mistaken the spike net for a mini trampoline and have then proceeded to jump and break the net, therefore killing all and any spike vibes for the coaches, the player and the single fan watching. Shame on you for killing the spike vibe.