The Eighth Page


Did I just hear somebody say, “what is badminton?” Well, I was about to explain it, so it’s funny that you should ask! The sport of badminton is notorious for its unique footwork and diverse players. First described in the book “Shuttlecock Volleys on the Forecourt” by B.A. Khand, this silly racket sport requires players to prance lightly on the court, not unlike the Cupid Shuffle. Imagine a ballerina-esque athlete leaping into the arms of a lover. If this doesn’t paint a clear portrait, think about the form of a jackrabbit jumping with a racket in hand. Now imagine a combination: bingo. Where did this silly, silly goose of a sport acquire its unique name? Historians have long debated its origins, but to date the most reasonable theories are either 1) from English mint, whose essential oils were used in the first-made English rackets or 2) a background in Nordic countries where players used broken mittens as racket covers.