The Eighth Page

The Lowest of the Lowers

As the student body emerges from one of the longest hibernations in Andover’s history, just about everyone is relieved to finally see the light. The Lowers, however, are not as relieved as the others students are. The Juniors remain worry free and ready to explore their first Spring Term; the Uppers have Senior year to look forward to; the Seniors and Post-Graduates are graduating; but the Lowers, oh, the Lowers! What do they have? The term sophomore, a muggle term for Lowers, comes from the Greek words “sophos” and “moros.” Together, the word translates into the great oxymoron a “wise fool.” Lowers live in this matrix of uncertainty; they are wise and knowledgeable enough to know they should be lawning and eating under the flagpole, but they are foolish enough to forget their SPF 16 sunscreen. This Spring Term, you will be able to identify the Lowers by their badges of honor: defined tan lines and sun-burn waddles. Alberta Weinstein ’16 shared that, “This Lower Spring is a time of reflection. We are 46.9 percent through our Andover careers and are looking back to ages ago: their Junior Spring, and asking the question: ‘What the heck was I thinking last year?’”