The Eighth Page

Senior Citizens

With Senior Spring upon us, the eldest of upperclassmen now have the time to sit back and relax. Ah, there is nothing better than to lean back and feel the wooden contours of a library chair mold to the curvature of one’s back. With alarms promptly set, each Senior is sure to make every day the absolute finest. “Go to the Great Lawn without me, Sally. I’m afraid I will be maintaining a 6.0 average this term,” states every Senior simultaneously. “What a shame,” responds an unwise and confused Sally, “I was hoping for a little more fun.” You want more fun, Sally? Try teaching yourself Ancient Greek, or writing a novel in Modern Greek. Each Senior has done both twice and does not need your silly criticism. As Andover tradition states: the Senior anti-prank must aim towards building a healthier, happier and more non-sibi community. For exactly that reason, the Seniors have assembled a rotating schedule that consists of adopting puppies, singing the Freshman to sleep and actually going through the “Lost and Found.” The reader of this commentary may think that this is a joke, but it is not. Every individual at Andover aspires to be the Senior within. From the top of Samuel Phillips Hall to the distant fields of Siberia, hear the student body cry, “Let Senior Spring Ring.”