The Eighth Page

Amur’ca: CoEd at 238

While we here at Andover are talking a whole lot about CoEd at 40, it’s easy for us to forget about an immense landmark, dear to us all: our nation has officially hit CoEd at 238. That’s right, folks, for 238 years (or 2086265.16 hours), our very own land of opportunity has generously provided other peoples’ land to both men and women. Never mind social inequality, the wage gap, violence against women, the ludicrously out-of-date birth control conversations and objectifying representations in the media: the US of A has been CoEd for a really, really long time. Our sense of equality goes all the way back to the Declaration of Independence, which proudly claims: “all men and women are created equal.” I mean, the US is decades ahead of (most) other countries in terms of forward thinking — and we Andoverites think we’re so avant-garde. Keeping all this in mind, the Academy has decided to hold a series of event celebrating CoEd at 238. The Etymology department will be hosting a CoEd study session on Wednesday night in Pearson (the building in between the library and Morse for those who don’t know). In addition, woman’s suffrage activist Susan B. Anthony will be speaking in Tang Theatre on Friday night at 5:00 p.m.; a question session will be held in the Mural Room of Paresky Commons afterwards. Next, the Pine Knoll Cluster will hold a student Constitution reading, an event in which boys and girls together will hold hands and recite the Constitution in unison. Following this, there will be tacos and an opportunity to barbeque.