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Best Childrens’ Movie with Underlying Risqué Themes

A good children’s movie should be smart, humorous and educational for the growing generation of youngsters who crave 90 minutes of colorful stimulation. For years, Americans have been enjoying family time centered around these iconic films. Still, it’s a rare achievement when a film manages not only to engage the kids, but also to stimulate the parents with subtly risqué themes. Here are this year’s picks for Best Children’s Movie with Implicitly Risqué Themes for Adults: “Finding Rico” follows the story of Rico, a clownfish, and his father, Frank. Rico, after venturing out of his house for the first time, gets captured by an obnoxious Australian dentist when he gets too close to his butt. Frank then scours the entire ocean to rescue Rico, and his confidence grows along the way. Sure, kids love the personas of human-like fish and vivid animation, but adults take away the most here. Watch the movie, parents, and you’ll be shocked to see Frank’s timeless story. It is that of a single father trying to raise a handicapped son. It is also a hauntingly accurate exposé of the failing public school system in the ocean. You’ll be sobbing after the kids are passed out and Rico and Frank reunite, fin to fin. “Alley Cat” follows Jerry the Tabby, an alley cat who comes from a long line of alley cats. In this animated musical, Jerry follows his dream to become a star in the big city as a bass player at the Fat Cat’s Jazz Joint. He wants to do this despite his family’s push to maintain his low, garbage eating status. Meanwhile, his fly friend Quito provides uneasy comic relief. Children will enjoy the catchy tunes, close run-ins with the local hounds and questionably-racist Grandfather Cat Clark’s pungent one liners. Adults will be as smitten as a kitten when a sudden pang of nostalgia hits reminding them of when they wanted to run away and join that band, be bold, pierce their left earlobes and feel like they run their own life for once. It’ll take them away from the cubicle and micromanaging boss just for a short while.