Cluster Elections: Newly-Elected Students to Run Cluster Councils

Students in each of the five clusters voted on their representatives in Cluster Council this Wednesday. For the first time, the new Cluster Presidents will also serve on Student Council, according to a previous article in The Phillipian. Next year, Robert Rush ’14 will serve as Cluster President of Abbot Cluster (ABB), Elaine Chao ’14 for Flagstaff Cluster (FLG), Ben Yi ’14 for Pine Knoll Cluster (PKN), Auggie Horner ’14 for West Quad South (WQS) and Jason Canavan ’14 for West Quad North (WQN). In ABB, Andrew Vallejos ’14 and Thomaia Pamplin ’14 will serve as DC Reps, Alec D’Alelio ’14 and Victoria Bian ’15 as Social Function Heads and Michael Delaus ’14 as Day Student Rep. Chao will be joined in FLG by Alex Rubin ’14 and Campbell Howe ’14 as DC Reps, Janani Hariharan ’14, Iman Masmoudi ’14 and Myracle McCoy ’14 as Social Function Heads, Liz Rao ’14, Poonam Kamdar ’14 and Julia Jackson ’15 as Day Student Reps. Joining Yi as leaders of PKN will be Natalie Kim ’14 and Kenta Nomoto ’14 as DC Reps, Melanie Oliva ’14 and Nicole Navarette ’15 as Social Function Co-Heads, and Sam Landay ’14 and Andrew Yepez ’14 as Day Students Reps. In WQS, Armaan Singh ’14 and Cat Haseman ’14 will be the new DC Reps, Eden Livingston ’15, Meghana Jayam ’14, Caroline Chen ’14 and Caroline Lu ’15 the new Social Function Heads and Hanover Vale ’15 the new Day Student Rep. In WQN, Madeleine Lippey ’14 and Ollie Ballinger ’14 will serve as DC Reps, Vabuk Pahari ’14 and Joyce Wang ’15 as Social Functions Heads and Mark Sullivan ’14 and Billy Casagrande ’15 as Day Student Reps. Unlike past years, Senior Representatives were not decided in the Cluster elections but will be elected in a Senior-only round later this term, according to a previous article in The Phillipian.