Letters to the Editor

Letter To The Editor

To the Editor:

I applaud The Phillipian for changing its editorial policy regarding online comments and essentially “pulling back the curtain” (March 8, 2013, editorial). By requiring those who post comments to register on Disqus, you are rightly asking them to take ownership for their words. You are reinforcing high standards of journalism—naming sources, signing letters and op/eds—and more lofty ideals like integrity and transparency.

Anyone with an opinion that he or she truly believes to be valid and important enough to share with a wider audience, should feel supported by your policy. In fact, I hope it also serves as an example to larger media outlets. Too often, on the websites of our local and state news media, the comments that follow stories are sourced to fictitious screen names and laced with personal attacks, baseless assertions and profanity.

Thank you for addressing this issue and advancing responsible journalism.


Tracy Sweet

Director of Communications