Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Students in the Andover community need to stop airing their personal laundry in public under the pretense that it is a universal matter of concern. Those who wish to force their opinions upon the community must realize that there will always be diametrically opposed outlooks. You cannot press your views on someone; rather you should present the facts, how you interpret these facts and then allow them deduce their own conclusions. We completely agree with the first amendment rights of every American citizen, but with that being said, the Andover community is a great place full of equal opportunities and privileges. It is not helpful for students to slander the institution that they have chosen to attend, and will speak proudly of as alumni. Though every community can be improved, offering suggestions with the overlying sentiment of personal disdain for those who you oppose is not going to help.

Unless elected by your peers to represent a group united under a common thought, you should not generalize the opinions ofstudents on campus. Make it specific that you are referring to your, not our, perspective. By making overarching statements, you are in fact destroying the beauty of a campus marbled with diversity.

Everything is going to be okay. Exponentially larger issues exist, i.e. your grades, your college plans and what you’re going to eat for dinner.


Michael Lata ’14, Billy O’Donnell ’13, Rory Ziomek ’13