The Eighth Page

Features Writes Haiboos!!!

Crazy Halloween

Getting babies and chicas

Just kidding: homework.

When the lights go off,

I’m the anonymous king

of the dancing floor.

Trick or treating hard

Jokester gave me healthy fruit

Window, meet my brick.

People go wild with

skimpy outfits and still keep

a reputation.

Wearing a morph suit

Doesn’t disguise one’s bulges

I have big man boobs.

I feel a bit cold

Come baby, light my fire

If you get the hint.

Sexy Halloween

Danced my pants off in Borden

Where’s my underwear?

My last Halloween

I decided not to dress

…But people still screamed

Halloween is fun

Everybody tricks or treats

Not my uncle.

Halloween for me:

I take candy from baby…

I eat it (baby?)

Halloween costumes

Are easy to make yourself

If you’re ugly.

Poured me some cider

And then I woke up puzzled

In New Hampshire woods.

Shouldn’t have googled

That house decorated with

Those “fake” hostages.

A full moon tonight.

The scary werewolf howled,

“That time of the month.”

Vampire dentures

Are one of the saddest things.

They just want to chomp.

Getting my freak on

I am just Monster Mashing

Please don’t hate on me.

Dancing till I drop

Everything begins to fade,

“Quick, get a doctor!”

That was so scary…

Does anybody smell that?

I need new pants now.