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Campus is Cookin’: Nacho Average Nachos

While the pita chips at the salad bar are usually used as a salad topping to curb obsessive girls’ carb cravings, this recipe uses them as the greasy, chewy and absolutely delicious base ingredient!

Using only the microwave in Paresky Commons, some energy that will eventually lead to the melting of the ice on which polar bears live and a little bit of creativity, you can turn these plain, soggy pita chips into crunchy wonderfulness that is at least half as great as stir fry (which is a whole 10 steps from the microwave, so why would you even consider getting stir fry in the first place?).

The overall benefits of this meal are extremely high. It takes longer, and it ensures that your palate does not become too used to good food, a prominent issue in the Andover community that has led to the formation of peer mentoring and support groups such as the Pee-rMentors.

Although students have been personalizing stir fry and making their own waffles for some time, this recipe adds a new spin to most other meals by using ingredients that taste like the fine zest of independence, originality and nonconformity. This recipe is also Christmas-colored. Too perfect for words!

First, take a salad bowl , dark blue like the night sky, and fill it with chips (these chips are considered yellow, and will create the feel of glowing lights on a Christmas tree).

Next, walk up the stairs of Commons instead of taking the elevator. This is green. To add the final touch of red, walk back down the stairs and scrape some of the sauce from the pizza onto the chips (think tomato based!). Put the combination in the microwave under the “popcorn” setting to achieve the maximum corn flavor and to transform the dish from tasting like pita chips to tasting like poppin’ corn chips. Finally, add soymilk from the new dispenser. This milk, which is only a few years of aging away from becoming a delectable cheese, will add a fresh rich taste to the nachos. It also adds a little spice.

As you enjoy your nachos, remember that Commons is a goldmine of culinary opportunity waiting to be exploited by your mind. Using our combined knowledge of home cooking obtained from the years before ninth grade, we can transform the ingredients available to us into something even the illustrious Andover Culinary Society could be proud of. Stay spicy, Andover.