The Eighth Page

Andover Wins

Last week, Andover Sports had a phenomenal win up around Siberia. A team of good-looking go-getters won its game in a last minute, sudden death, overtime tiebreaker. Big Blue got off to a promising start with unstoppable offense, as well as impenetrable defense. Cohesive teamwork was the main element in Andover’s early lead, as was individual skill. Despite the willingness to go the extra mile of Captain Taylor Hardball ’13, Andover’s opponent rallied with valiant effort. The nail-biting face-off was then tied and sent into said last minute, overtime tiebreaker. In the final seconds of the back-and-forth overtime, newcomer Jordan Swingbatter ’15 truly dug deep, inciting an eruption from the crowd as Andover stole the victory.