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Golf Team Starts Sub-Par

Andover Boys Varsity Golf hit the pristine courses early this past Sunday morning. The golfers had the honor of playing at the famed Breezy Ways Golf Course, which boasts some of the best landscapes in all of southern New England. The entire team lined up at the register to pick up their respective sticks and colored balls from a teenager who kept saying, “Welcome to Breezy Ways, hope your day’s a breeze.”

The players soon gathered at the first hole, each equipped with putter and ball. They all breezed through it, since it was a simple drive down the middle.

Come hole two, however the stakes were instantly doubled. A dog-leg unlike any they had faced before. Needless to say the inexperienced crew struggled to stay under par.

This was the story for the remainder of the first nine holes. The players’ efforts were not aided by the distracting scenic rivers or the rampant joyful screams of children. It was even mentioned that one of the players, Beau Gee ’14, kicked his ball into the hole when no one was looking. Then, when the designated score keeper, suspicious of Beau’s uncharacteristically low scores, asked him “Really?”, he was all like, “Yeah, I wouldn’t lie. After all, it’s just a game.” Everybody knew.

It was time for the team to pick up its game. The players took the back nine in stride and more than half the team slotted the ball through the ominous windmill blades. Justin Time ’15 even made a hole in one on the 18th, winning himself a free ice cream and another round of golf for the next day.

Regardless of how mini, the Breezy Ways Golf Course, considered to be the best mini golf east of the Merrimack, was a true test of character.