The Eighth Page

Texts From Last Night

(339): YES! 4 day week!

(339): Wait… what was the e-mail from Betsy Korn talking about?

(339): We don’t have Saturday classes do we???

(339): DO WE?!?!?!?!?

(339): I’ll be in the library…

(312): Where were you all day?

(209): What do you mean? it was a three day weekend bro

(312): …wrong week.

(209): YOLO

(978): Hey man, what’s the math homework?

(501): Read ch. 12, but did you see that new girl that was sitting in on our class?! I’m totally gonna ask her to prom.

(978): Dude, teaching fellow…

(678): Did you hear? Some freshman stopped a rolling tennis ball on the lawn. He thought he was doing them a favor.

(617): Ahh, Party foul. Never mess with a Senior’s game of tenni-golf.

(678): The funeral is tomorrow.

(751): English class was great today.

(413): How would you know? After five minutes, you ran out screaming “fire” when there bla- tantly was no fire?

(751): I didn’t have time to finish the paper that was due.

(978): When I walk on the lawn, this is what I see.

(617): Not agaaain.

(978): Tenni-golf ball coming straight at me. I got a bruise on my head and I aint afraid to show it, show it, show it…

(617): Oh boy.

(978): In Isham and you know it.

(874): I stole the little bucket of peanut butter from Paresky Commons… YOLO

(343): so I met this girl today.

(913): there’s a first time for everything. watchu say to her?

(343): the arcsine of you must be pi/2 cuz you r the one!

(913): *facepalm*

(885): Hey I just met you

(885): And this is crazy

(885): But here’s my number!


(885): Man, that song never gets old.

(617): Yes. Yes it does.

(354): Honey, please explain to me why you failed English.

(182): The number you have texted is no longre in service.

(354): And the phone company is careless enough to make a typo?

(182): Have I told you lately how much I love you?

(332): Are you in Pine Knoll?

(978): I’m a new Lower…

(332): so how’s Abbot?

(245): Saw your outfit today, awesome psych!

(805): I didn’t have a psych…

(563): Why on Earth do I have so many pink shirts now???

(756): I think what you mean to say is “thank you for doing my laundry”!

(563): ………

(687): You need some sleep man

(483): What are you talking about?

(687): You showed up halfway into Spanish class wearing only pajama pants

(483): I’m not in your Spanish class…

(687): I know. The teacher was reaaallllly upset.

(290): Lol why are you doing dorm duty? I haven’t done it all term. I don’t even check the sheet!

(314): Funny cuz the sheet says you have restriction.

(662): Dude I finally got Cat-Bonered today! It’s taken three terms, but I finally feel like part of the Andover community!

(744): Oh my god Honey!!! Is this what happens on that campus?? Your father and I are pulling you out of that school right now!!!

(662): Mom, I meant to send this to my Andover friends, let me explain!

(332): Hey! Last night was fun…

(916): We didn’t hang out last night. You said you had homework…

(332): That’s what I meant. The homework . The homework was really fun.

(445): That test was so hard! How’d you do?

(796): I did pretty well. I got a 74. Wbu?

(445): … nvm.