The Eighth Page

Spring Break Study Sesh

This week we sat down with an Andover student, Randell P. Blowsworth IX, our resident nerd, and asked him about his spring break.

The following transcript has, in fact, been tampered with.

So Randell, how was your spring break?

It was good. One day after I had finished reading the R section of the dictionary (which was really just Riveting) and while playing “World of Warcraft” like a boss, I had this moment. I realized how much I missed my teachers. I know Andover can be tough, but it’s the companionship that really makes PA worth more than just diploma day.

I’ve really missed eating breakfast and dinner in Upper Left across from my Physics teacher. It’s been a long time since I made eye contact with him from two tables down. Moments like that keep me coming back. The adrenaline just pumps through my system in that moment when I don’t know whether to wave and say hi or just go back to being my usual hermit self. Now that’s tunnel vision. Over my break, I finished all my homework for the whole term just so that I can eat lunch (and also breakfast and dinner of course) in Upper Left instead of doing work in the ‘lib’ (which apparently is slang for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library, but I like to call it the lib to show that I’m ‘hip’ and fresh—I mean phre$h).

Did you travel to any exotic places during SB ’12?

My overbearing parents forced me to pack up my books and go to Hawaii with them. Luckily the hotel room had great amenities; there was a blow dryer attached to the wall (perfect for taking mirror selfies). So basically, I stayed in the hotel room studying all day long. There was no way in heck that I was going to risk exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Did you have any REAL fun over SB?

Of course I did! It’s not like I’m a total nerd. I mean its not like I spent my whole break doing calculus. This is off the record, but I may have even taken a small glance at the naughty section of my Bio textbook… pHOTosynthesis.

What are your future plans for this term?

I plan on making a petition to open the library on Friday and Saturday after the hours of 5:00 p.m. These are valuable hours in my weekend. I mean what else am I supposed to do on a Friday or Saturday night? Be social? Please. I’m also looking forward to being the Captain of PRAXIS. We are really pushing towards getting varsity jackets this term.