The Eighth Page

The Gentleman Bear and His Honeys

Once upon a time there was a bear whose honey brought all the girls to the yard. But his honey was too precious to share with any of them. Day after day, the girls would line up on his street, offering money for his honey. Eventually, all the bears became fed up and stopped waiting around for the selfish bear.

The bear was lonely and regretted not sharing his honey with all the girls. He spent his days eating the honey all by himself.

Suddenly, a terribly unattractive girl bear mysteriously turned up at his door and asked for his honey. At first he turned his grizzly nose up at her, but her persistent she-bear calls urged him to finally open the door.

“I’ll bake you my muffins in return for your sweet honey,” said the ugly bearette. Now the bear’s ears pricked up with interest. He thought, “Muffins? Hmm…that does sound delicious, but this bear is so ugly, I don’t know if I want to share my honey with her. Then again, I do love muffins.” He accepted, and the next day she turned up with her delicious baked goods.

He bit into one of the muffins and replied, “You really know how to make a good muffin!” She batted her eyelids and he cautiously handed her a large pot of his high-demand honey. Suddenly, her ugly warts and wrinkles disappeared and there stood the hottest fox on the block, Megan. The bear was astonished to see her. Megan said to him, “Thank you for seeing past my ugly face and sharing with me. Now your lesson is learned, you have made me beautiful again. Sharing is caring”.

If you share your honey, you might just get some in return.