The Eighth Page

Things to do in 3050

Hover Boarding

Release your inner kraken and blast off on jet-powered hover boards in this spacey race against time and gravity. You’ll be going so fast you’ll be saying crazy things like, “Oh gosh! Did my noodle just hop on a plane to France?”


Show off your stuff in this universal base-jumping fiesta. Jump from moon to moon in this anti-gravity shindig. Don’t wear pants… shorts are more appropriate and make it easier to take off.

Interplanetary Scrabble

It’s like “Words with Friends,” except with aliens and sometimes your grandma. Be careful though; I hear the Zathurians are quite crafty when it comes to getting those triple word bonuses.


Suit up as Master Chief and fight off alien hordes with your big long needler. However, be ready to die, as the survival rate is slim.

Dancing with the Stars… Literally

Ever wanted to waltz with Orion’s Belt? Without a belt? Well now’s your chance! We hear the Little Dipper’s nickname on the dance floor is the “Big Dipper.” No prior dance experience required.