The Eighth Page

Chad Bro Chill Summer

If afro jack at electric zoo could be defined in one word it would be summer. The differentiation between the school year and summer is similar to the disparity between shark week, and the food network. No disrespect to Rachel Ray, but after my experiences over the course of those action packed three months I wish it would just never end.

Back home to my girlfriend Sheila, haven’t seen her since Brett Favre retired. Wait… Long walks on the beach, studying for the SAT’s, singing karaoke with Justin Timberlake, instructional tennis with Kimbo Slice, and Saturday golf outings with Jack Nicholson, summer is extremely ordinary however that is what makes it so special.

Over Fourth of July weekend my girlfriend Lafonda’s parents paid for her and I to spend our eleventh anniversary at a David Guetta concert. Elementary School sweethearts you really don’t get enough of them. Making our way up to the rail this concert took a turn for the unexpected as what appeared to be Ben Scharf working on his left hand, actually ended up being Mike the Situation, he had to leave early though, another run in with a wall. I would show you the pictures of him and I fist pumping, but my girlfriend Francesca she dropped the camera down a well.

Anyways, Sheila and I were biking home from the concert and our bikes broke down, luckily Neil Patrick Harris was there to pick us up, he even had Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle playing on his display monitors. Summer is over now. I’m headed back to Andover, atleast I can count on it being more exciting than summer.

– Larken Q Kemp