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Look of the WeekBough Ho: Homeless Chic

This week’s Look of the Week came straight from the streets. Literally! Since Farts couldn’t find someone at this school with an obscure enough taste in clothing, we decided to kick it straight ghetto with the communal Andover hobo, Bough Ho. When we first saw him, he was sifting through trash on Main St. outside of Starbucks. It was his complete lack of care for what he was wearing that initially attracted us to him. Asked how he chooses his wardrobe every morning, he responded, “Do you have food?” However, with more probing he replied, “I wear the same goddamn thing every day!” Decisive. We here at Farts and Leisure can appreciate someone who can make hard decisions like that every morning. Sporting the classic trench coat and ragged beard combo, Bough is bound to get appreciative looks walking downtown. Student Ryan McStudent ’12, FLG, 02/05/1994, said he “just didn’t get it…” Don’t worry, of course you didn’t get it, Ryan! You’re not ARTSY enough. When asking around for thoughts and verdicts on his style, we weren’t amazed to find a multitude of fashion aficionados with differing opinions. Student expert Vilma Akneefayd ‘11 (pronounced: Ak- NEE – fade) said, “The faint expression of loneliness expressed in his expressive search for discarded espresso in front of Starbucks expresses his inner expressiveness. And that is true fashion.” Rita Book, however, wasn’t as excited. “Fashion is about class, not about this… trash,” she said. Regardless of what anyone thinks, we here at Farts love Bough Ho, and we hope that he keeps on keepin’ with his complete and oddly fashionable disregard for societal norms. (Correction: Bough Ho is a Senior at Phillips Academy who is currently suffering from Senioritis. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.)