Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I write as a proud parent and grateful beneficiary. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Class of 2010 PACE Seniors for their gifts of insight, wisdom, encouragement and comfort offered to their younger PA siblings.

It occurs to me that we can achieve a kind of time travel when those of us who have gone there offer our insights to those who are on their way. Every individual journey is unique, but there are sufficient uniformities in the terrain we all must travel to make the sharing of experiences very worthwhile. In going back in time to remember and appreciate the challenges inherent in this moment of transition and in sharing views from beyond this moment, our recent grads provide transportation for our current seniors to a safe and settled future that will surely materialize.

Since instituting the PACE Senior position in the Personal and Community Education Seminar for Lowers in 2009, students in this role have provided care, camaraderie and candid advice to our Lowers with the unique value and credibility that comes from being a couple of steps ahead but not so far away from their experience as tenth graders. The nine Seniors who worked with Lowers last year did so with great spirit and dedication and without any sort of official credit or reward. It is heartwarming to know that these recent grads have internalized the ethic of non sibi and service to the extent that, even after leaving the village, they have committed the time and energy required to collaborate and reach back to make valuable contributions to their alma mater.

Thank you Du, Fuddy, Scotty, Emily, Celia, Brenna, Lily, Andrew and Jack!


Carlos Hoyt

Associate Dean of Students & Coordinator of the Personal and Community Education Program (PACE)