Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: When a librarian excitedly told me that I was in a front page article last Friday, I took the copy of The Phillipian that she offered me and eagerly turned to the article on Wednesday’s community service forum. After reading the article, however, I was disappointed to find that not only did the article misspell the guest speaker’s name throughout, but it also failed to capture the overarching purpose of the forum. In the article “Matt Feraguto [sic] ’94 Discusses the Nature of Non-Profit Organizations,” the guest speaker and PA alumnus Mr. Ferraguto’s name was misspelled as “Feraguto” and once, “Ferguto.” The PA community has the privilege of welcoming dozens of fabulous guest speakers every year, and it is both disappointing and disrespectful that time was not taken to ensure that the guest speaker’s name was spelled correctly. The article also failed to recognize that the forum “Money: the Root of All Service” was the second in a series of community service-related forums, the first being “Non Sibi: Why Bother?” in the fall. The only mention of the forum’s essence was a brief quote from Mr. Brad Silnutzer, Community Service Teaching Fellow. When we in the community service office envisioned this series, we intended for it to raise awareness of issues related to service and to encourage students to talk about service in their daily lives as they do sports or academics. I hope that The Phillipian will live up to its journalistic standards in the future. Sincerely, April Liang ’11