The Eighth Page

The Gelb Dance: Because You Can’t Start Planning Too Early

I’m so ready for Gelb! I heard it’s when Andover students put down their books and get crunk. I’m going to start off on the country floor, doing some Southern 2 Step. I bet that floor is jam packed with people. That’s what my prefect told me, at least. I might even wear some good old-fashioned cowboy boots. I bet that gets me the mad bids. The techno floor has me superdiduperty pumped. I’ve never raved before!! I heard that you kinda like bob your head and act all cool. Apparently the key is to move as little as possible. Also that’s apparently where most guys are successful in finding female companionship. Boy I wish I had gone to a dance before this one to get some experience. But apparently none of the others are worth going to, so I just didn’t go. It doesn’t seem like I missed out. Everyone else comes back to the dorm always complaining while I just played checkers against myself all evening. I think that I had more fun. Plus all my moves will be super original. The one floor I’m not supposed to go on is the 3rd floor. It’s all “grinding” and apparently no one goes up there. According to my roomate, “‘Grinding’ is Satan’s dance.” It seems like it would be fun but I always trust my elders and I don’t think that they would lead me wrong. I have to pick out what to wear. I think that I’ll go with some purple pants, a sparkly pink t-shirt and a pair of Uggs. I was told to wear a costume or else I would feel really awkward. I definitely don’t want to get embarrassed or stand out. There’s only one person I want to notice me. She’s so radiant, and I’m going to ask her to go with me. We’ll dance on the 1st floor, and then I’ll ask her to be my girlfriend. Then on the second floor, I will ask her to marry me. There’s no way she can say no! Gelb is going to be so romantic. I just wish there was some slow dancing, but Sadie’s already gone and there won’t be another chance. I have to do it now. I just wish it were tomorrow instead of in a month. Should I ask her now or wait a little bit? My mom always told me to work in advance, so I think I’ll ask her now. I kind of wish that my crush wasn’t a senior and I wasn’t a freshmen, but I don’t think that age should get in the way of a relationship and I don’t think that any self respecting senior would think that either. Wish me luck, even though I probably won’t need it. With intel this good and love on my side, nothing can stop me. Nothing. -Max Carrillo-Ostrow