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Snowball Fight Turns Violent: 4 Dead, 13 Injured, 1 Arrested

In the recent past there has been an influx of snowball fights. Although we recognize that this is a harmless way for students to have fun, we sadly have to ban the use of all water forms as weapons on campus. In the most recent incident of water related bullying a student was hit in the face with a snowball that had ice viciously added to it. The student was flustered by this action and preceded to get a nosebleed. We understand that most cases of snowball fights are playful forms of expelling energy while enjoying the beautiful weather, but the violent aspects of this seemingly good-humored activity are unacceptable. From this point on, if any Phillips Academy student is caught with a snowball, water balloon, squirt gun, or any other form of water terrorism, they will be asked to hand over their weapon and will be subject to a disciplinary council. Since the town of Andover is also considered a part of this establishment, any student spotted carrying a water-related weapon in the greater Andover area will be subject to these punishments as well. As a final precaution there will now be agents stationed at the entrance of every major Phillips Academy building who have the right to search students or use body scanners (similar to those of the TSA) to ensure that no forms of water weaponry are brought into buildings associated with this establishment. Also, the sanctuary policy has been expanded to include water-related violations. If a student is worried that his or her friend is planning on using a squirt gun or snowball, we strongly encourage that student to anonymously sanctuary said friend to protect them from the dangers of water. We are very sorry to enforce such a strict ban on an apparently harmless element but the Administration strongly believes that it is necessary to keep the students safe. “Be safe and stay dry,” says the administration.