The Eighth Page

Love Poems

My very furry Love Gunga, you are the one that I love most with your long, black, infatuating hair. I would love nothing more, Than to take that coat of hair And wrap it around my entire being. To be the recipient of your flung feces, would be an honor. How I Really Feel Shall I compare thee to a midsummer’s day? No, I shan’t, for you are like a chilly, rainy winter morning, with your cold heart and unkempt body hair that resembles a winter coat, which warms the skin I can only assume lies underneath. Forbidden Crush I’ve never felt this way before, All I can do is want you more. But in the end it is all a waste, For you are taken, Mrs. Chase The Spell of Love You are the best thing in my life and make me want to jump and dance. I can’t stop looking at your well-formed face: I can’t escape this inescapable trance. OK, now I am a tad bit worried, you must be some type of witch Take back whatever spell you have cast, You crazy, love-hungry b***h. Crazy Person talking to his Heart Heart, O’ Heart, why must you be so cruel? You ache like my legs after cluster soccer, And groan like Andover students during school. Heart, O’ Heart, your content for love is small Just suck it up and go on with life, Or I’ll fill you with cholesterol. A Big Surprise Roses are red Violets are blue C’mon over here, baby I’ve got a big surprise for you. (It’s tickets to see the Broadway musical “Wicked”!) Your Face Your face makes the birds sing, from Andover to Beijing. It’s Not Creepy If It’s Love I see you in your room, but you do not see me. I watch you do your homework, fall asleep and watch Glee. Try to contain your joy for these words I give to thee. And if you wish to say thank you, Just look at the big oak tree…Hi. A Missed Opportunity Words cannot do justice to your ever glowing smile. Whenever I have a moment, I think of you a while. If I were smeagul/golem, you’d be my precious ring. If I were a loved-filled bee, I’d give you a little sting. My love for you is so immense, that now I give this plea. “Go with me to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, instead of that football PG.” A Few Haikus I love you Just thought you should know Moving on It is senior fall The time we had was special Goodbye, GPA Love is like a drug So then why are we allowed to do it at school? Features is the best I love it like my own son Or daughter, I guess -Ryan Yost