The Eighth Page

Animals for the Ethical Treatment of Humans

Here at AETH, we strive to protect the lives and habitats of humans all across the world. For years and years, the lifestyles of some animals have been harming both humans and their habitats. It is up to us to show that we care, and we will not stand for this any longer. Humans were once prosperous creatures; they mated, lived peacefully and even had a simple version of hierarchal government in their packs. But as our urban areas have grown, the humans’ habitat has become restricted. In turn, their population has decreased. Our mission is to help the humans restore their habitat so that they may once again become a prosperous species. The daily life of a human is now very dangerous. Ever since it was realized that the pelt of the human was perfect for making leather products, poachers have been hunting the humans to take and sell their pelts on the black market. Although poaching is now illegal, there is still a large amount of it in heavily populated human areas such as the tundra of Texas and the woods of Illinois. Along with poachers, humans have recently been becoming tangled in trash and debris created by animals just like us. It is things like this that make us here at AETH sick. This is what Rosco Johnson, lion, had to say. “About two weeks ago, I was simply doing some errands. On my way to the grocery store, I saw a small human going through some garbage. After I got closer, I realized that it was not only a human, but one of the most endangered humans that still remains. It was a small artsy human commonly known as a ‘hipster.’ I approached him to try to help him. He had become tangled in a garbage bag. I took him and transported him to his natural habitat. Once we got to the vintage clothing store, I released him and watched him scamper back into his land of skinny jeans.” I hope that all animals will soon realize that we need to change how we live to save the humans from extinction.