The Eighth Page

Haikus of a True Bro

Recently a student at a local high school was asked to right a series of poems for his literature class. He is a lacrosse player for their varsity team and has the flow of a champion. This is what he turned in to his teacher… Call of Duty Rocks Gamer score in the millions Head shot; game over Ripping twine all day My spoon is like my brother My flow can’t be matched Natty Ice galor Shotgun a twenty-four pack Whilst chillin with bros Smirnoff in my sock Trick him into finding it Snitch, you have been iced Turf dogs, fresh mid-calves Penny, nice shorts, snapback on Ready for the day 12 pairs of Nike’s Air max 95s are best Stay fresh like laundry Girls love the lax flow Wings out the side of my hat Need a haircut? Nah Entourage is chill Vince leads the life of a bro But E is a bitch -Adrian Stone