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Dorm Built in Abbot to Accomodate PG’s with Children

Phillips Academy recently announced its plan to open a new dorm in Abbot Cluster that would be designed to accommodate the needs of Post Graduate Students with their own families The dorm’s features would include up to three bedrooms per suite in order to accommodate multiple offspring, kitchens for family cooking, and a shuttle bus service to the academy’s daycare center. The dorm would be located in Abbot Cluster among the current faculty housing, providing a more welcoming atmosphere to the families. Proponents of the dorm believe the ability to offer housing for athletes’ families would allow the recruitment of Post Graduates to expand. “The number of high school athletes with families is surprisingly high,” said one member of the Athletic Department, “our athletics would benefit tremendously if we could tap that pool of talent.” The planned dorm has also met with opposition. Members of the community have voiced concern over the differences in maturity between incoming freshmen and new Post Graduates. “It’s hard enough for fourteen year old freshmen to go to school with Post Graduates,” said one teacher, “I don’t know how they could handle going to school with students who have their own children.” The Academy is currently in talks with Bristol Palin to do the ribbon cutting for the official opening of the dorm. -continued on Q6