The Eighth Page

A Crazy PA Weekend

April 20, 2010 As we all know, the weekends at Phillips Academy are jam-packed with fun and exciting activities. We are talking about ridiculous parties lasting all night and all day. Phillips Academy is famous for its crazy weekends and students, but what I have discovered is that the most exciting time to be at Andover is over a long weekend. This past weekend was one of the year’s few, and I was fortunate enough to stay for the three days and experience the true excitement of these famous vacations. It all started on Friday after classes. Sports were cancelled so I went back to my room with a couple of friends and got an early start on next week’s homework. We did some crazy stuff, like, blast music and study at the same time. It was nutz!!! That night there were so many fun things to do, and in the end we decided to try to take on “board game night.” It was packed with TWELVE people playing all kinds of different board games. They also had a cupcake making station for people who really just wanted to have a good time. I stayed away from that; I already had a candy bar at lunch. So my roommate Eugene and I got this unreal game they called “Boggle”. Eugene and I had heard some pretty crazy stuff about it at our last book club meeting. We sat down and started to play, and we battled for hours. The environment down there was crazy. At one point some girls even came. It was getting pretty late around 9:30 so we decided to call it a night. The next day, I decided to sleep in until 7:45!!! I took a walk down town to get ready for another crazy PA long weekend night. Saturday night was movie night. They were showing two DIFFERENT movies that were PG 13!!!!! I was preparing for an exciting time. I went to CVS to get some party supplies for that night. I got a bag of popcorn, and some sugar free vitamin D gummies. After the movies we rushed home and went right to bed. It was already 11:15!!!!. The next morning I woke up and had to work all day to catch up on the study time that I so irresponsibly missed yesterday while doing those crazy things. We called it a day at about 8:30. Monday was set out to be a pretty wild day. First we hit up some pretty sweet soft jazz concerts on campus. After that we made our way over to a performing guest speaker. He was talking about the effects of the classical printing press in Southern Germany. It was AWESOME!!! -Ricky Goldstein