The Eighth Page


This year’s Sports team will hit a home run for sure! The four of them will ensure that the student body is up-to-date with all of Andover’s sporting conquests, whether it be a huge loss in basketball, football or a fencing championship. Much like other sections in the paper, the new editors are required to record information about campus events. They throw in the occasional spotlight of an outstanding athlete. But, unless it’s Chris Kreider, no one really cares. Chris Cameron, Varsity Baseball and day-student hunk, plans to bring more muscles and Red Sox memorabilia than any editor before him. A tall task. Most people think of Ben Ho as “that Canadian kid” and wonder what he has to do with sports. But, actually he’s a multi-sport varsity athlete. So what if those sports are nordic and golf? Sarah Onorato wears the pants in the Sports section relationship. We asked her what she thought of her new position: “I guess I’ve always been a leader. What, you don’t think I’m cut-out for the job? You wanna go? I’ll take you out.” Although we thought it was a weird way to ask someone on a date, we had a lovely time with Sarah at Bertucci’s. Kristen Faulkner may come from a state that doesn’t even get ESPN, but she has experience in various sports: everything from Eskimo skiing to snowmobiling to ice-fishing.