The Eighth Page


What’s black, white, and is all over the Phillipian? Give up? If you said the entire thing, then you’re correct. I guess the better question would be: what’s black, white, and done by Ben Brodie and Yuto Watanabe? It’s a skunk named Gary! Oh yeah, they also run the photo section. Ben Brodie and Yuto Watanabe, better known as Yen Brotonabe, take photos like we take Arts’ self-confidence. The hardest-hitting stories on campus and beyond are visually captured by these two rising photographers. Whether a track star is breaking a school record or the legs of the guy who beat him, these two will be on the scene. Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, has taken on the role of “Director of Production.” A recent winner of “The Phillipian’s Best Facial Hair,” Adam’s job is so mysterious and top secret, that not even we Features Editors were given access to his information. What we do know is that we will continue to see him carrying a camera virtually everywhere. If anyone sees a skunk named Gary, please return it to the newsroom.