The Eighth Page

A Head of School Day Debate Do Not Read While Crossing Main Street

Mrs. Chase: Welcome. I have assembled this committee to decide when Head of School Day will occur. Mrs. Sykes: Great! I am excited to be a part of this committee… so I can gain more power. Mr. Murphy: Thank you Barbara, I am also very excited to be part of the committee deciding the beloved day-off. While in past years, you have made Head of School Day the day Isham overflows, this year I am committed to making sure that students receive the best education, health, and well-being. This is why I would like to remind everybody to be careful crossing the streets and- Mrs. Chase: Okay, well that was quite a bit of rambling, somewhat like your e-mails. Mrs. Sykes (murmuring): Head of School Day, the perfect time for me to steal the spotlight from Barbara. Mrs. Chase: Now, before we decide the date of Head of School Day, I think we should do things a little differently this year- Mr. Murphy: I agree, we- Mrs. Chase: I can wait… Thank you. Anyway, instead of holding up a field hockey stick, I was thinking Carlos Hoyt could announce it in a sudden all school meeting, mainly because I just love, and so do the students, hearing his angelic voice. Not to mention his grizzly new beard. Mrs. Sykes: I agree… that way she is not the one the students praise. After all, Carlos isn’t a threat to my plan to take over head of school… Or is he? Mr. Murphy: That is a great plan, and then in case of cuts, I can send an e-mail to the students in which I will start by announcing Head of School Day and then continue to explain the dangers of downtown. Then, I will ask them to reach out to the different support systems of PA. Finally, I will ask a question that they can reflect on. Mrs. Chase: Okay, well now that we have that settled, let’s move on to the actual date of Head of School Day. Now, first the day of the week: it can’t be Monday or Friday, because that would make a long weekend and be too nice. It can’t be Wednesday because of sports competitions, which leaves Tuesday and Thursday. Mr. Murphy: Now, before we do any more, I would just like to give all three of us two gold stars, because we have all listened to me for at least 45 minutes. But before we continue, I would like to again ask you, what makes Andover Andover? Mrs. Sykes: Paul, we don’t have time for this. I need to figure out when I can take over the school. Mrs. Chase: Yes Paul, while these are questions we need to ask ourselves, they are for a different time, just like this quote from Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice”: “I hold with those who favor fire.” Mr. Murphy: I personally suggest that Head of School Day is when Isham is full, so that the students can spend the time catching up on work and their health. And while on the subject of health, I would like to remind everyone to wash their hands and use Purell, as well as to be careful crossing the street, considering that Route 28 is a major commuting road to Boston. Mrs. Chase: Well, how about February 11th? Mrs. Sykes: Umm, Oh no! It can’t be then…I’m out of town. No way I miss my chance. Mrs. Chase: Okay, well then how about February 18th? Mr. Murphy: That’s good with me, but we need to make sure to remind people to be careful when walking downtown and crossing the streets, because students will be out and about on Head of School Day. Mrs. Chase: Okay, so it’s decided. February 18th will be Head of School day. To conclude this meeting, I would like to share this haiku I wrote: Head of School Day is Rising sun of the east and Sometimes hockey stick -Andrew Wilson