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Club Sandwich: Andover’s Best Clubs

With the recent club rally, athletic, theater and music tryouts, community service sign-ups,and a plethora of other activities on campus, new and returning students alike are getting involved in new organizations. Some are even trying things they’ve heard of before. I, for one, believe that having all of these opportunities is what really makes the Andover experience special. Therefore, I have decided to highlight some of the lesser known organizations on campus that I think many people might be more interested in learning about. The Anarchy Club First founded in 1984, the Anarchy Club embodies the spirit of anarchists around the world. Members of the Anarchy Club meet every Wednesday evening in the Cochran Chapel to express their shared hatred for organized groups and religiously affiliated buildings. When the club was first put together, the original plan was to hold meetings in Bulfinch Hall, but group members soon found that the round tables invited discussion that was far too intimate and stimulating. After meetings, members of the Anarchy Club often like to get ice cream and watch old reruns of “Gilligan’s Island.” The Anti-Swine Flu Club Making their first appearance as a club at the 2009 club rally, the Anti-Swine Flu Club is the premier club on campus for anyone who doesn’t want to get Swine Flu. Members of this club are very devoted to their cause and can often be seen around campus doing things such as covering their mouths when they talk, hoarding hand sanitizer, wearing Hazmat suits and visiting Isham daily. Meetings are held in the Cage because members feel like that space allows them to converse with one another in a common area while being as far apart as physically possible. The Gum Accumulation Society (GAS) A community service organization, the goal of the GAS is to collect as much of the used gum on campus as possible, often found stuck under desks or tables, and redistribute it to students around campus. Although many students were skeptical at first, the GAS on campus has had a noticeable impact the last few years. In an interview, one member of the club said “At first, the GAS kind of stunk, but as time went on I learned to appreciate the GAS’s silent pleasures.” If you have the sudden urge to chew gum but don’t have time to go to the store, your discomfort will always be relieved by the GAS. Varsity and JV Crack Jumping The sensation that has made waves across the nation, “crack jumping” has finally reached Phillips Academy. Based off the popular children’s jingle “step on a crack, break your mother’s back,” competitors race to step on as few cracks as possible within a 15 minute time period. Rookies compete in games involving only the man made cracks on sidewalks or patios, while experts are required to maneuver around the natural cracks made by weather, tree roots, and runaway jackhammers. If you like to participate in sports where the main objective is to stand still for as long as possible, “crack jumping” may be the game for you. -Greg Hanafin