The Eighth Page

Fine, Drop My Course!

Timmy: Excuse me, Mr. Johnson. Teacher: Yeah, Timmy, what’s up? Timmy: Look, Mr. Johnson. It’s tough to tell you this, but I need to drop this class. Teacher: Huh? Really? Now why would that be? Timmy: Well, you see, there is another teacher who I really want but unfortunately I need to drop this class to get into his. Teacher: Oh, well that’s fine Johnny I don’t mind you switching out of my class for a significantly better teacher. You know, I might even switch out of my class if I were you, I guess I’m just really bad at my job. Timmy: Really? Are you sure you’re alright with this? Teacher: Oh sure, no problem, dude! I love it when people drop my class for something ten times better! It’s why I wake up in the morning. After all, there are just so many classes that are better than this one! Why stay here?! Timmy: Well I may be wrong but this really sounds like you don’t want me to drop this class… Teacher: Oh, no! Of course you can drop this class. It sucks, right? Timmy: Is that supposed to be a joke? Teacher: Joke?! Oh, Timmy, you are quite the jokester. But really, why don’t you go ahead and drop my class? I mean it should only cost me… oh… a couple thousand dollars this year. One more elective under the minimum class size. Timmy: What? My dropping your class will cost you money? Teacher: You didn’t know this? Oh no, students aren’t supposed to know that. The administration says that it will make them not want to drop classes when it costs the teachers so much of their salary. Timmy: Well, I’m not surprised. I feel terrible. Why would they dock your pay for me switching? Teacher: I suppose that they think if the class isn’t good enough for you then its not good enough for me to be paid for. It must be true though, right? Apparently you think it’s horrible! Timmy: That’s awful, I’ve dropped, like, eight classes before. Teacher: Wow, you really do like causing teachers a couple extra years before retirement don’t you? Real good morals you got there, kiddo! Timmy: What?! Of course not, I had no idea, sir. Teacher: Hmm… I find that hard to believe but okay… little twit. Timmy: Did you just call me a little twit? Teacher: No, of course not! Where did you get that idea from? So have you decided if your going to drop my class yet? Timmy: Well, I want to, but I don’t want to cost you thousands of dollars. Teacher: Please, I love teaching. Why else would I do it? I’m happy to work into my early nineties because you hate my guts. Timmy: Early nineties? It can’t cost you that much money. I’ll just stay. Teacher: Oh no! Don’t feel like you have to stay, what if the class you’re switching to changes your life? But on the other hand I would be stuck teaching until I am 6 feet under… Timmy: Well, since you put it that way, I think I’ll switch. Teacher: Okay. Well, have a good life, Timmy. If you ever want to get in touch you know where I’ll be… right here…teaching… a class people want to drop out of. So have a good life and goodbye, Timmy. Little twit. -Andrew Wilson