The Eighth Page

Yoem = a poem

First day of school, the craziest of days It tickles me greatly and in the best of ways So come along, on this adventurous ride You be the groom and the school is your bride The summer is over, say goodbye to the fun No more vacation or long hours in the sun It’s time to buckle down, but don’t let in the fear You better put down that crack pipe, the learning’s almost here Arrive at campus early, to see all of your friends What you do next, I guess it all depends Go and get some books, or chill throughout the day If you want to have some fun, then do it the Yost way First I get a bunch of kittens, 50 at the most Then I let them run free, after all are labeled “Yost” I wait the next few days, my door is left ajar The people who bring me kittens, they are who my friends are The first day of classes is really not so bad There isn’t too much homework, so I guess the geeks are sad Check some awesome syllabi, or play a silly name-game “Oh, this class is easy”, that’s what all teachers claim In the end the classes and schoolwork will prevail Unless you screw up big-time, then it’s off to county jail So just keep up the grades and always have some fun Cause if you let loose killer kittens, your school-life will be done -Ryan Yost