The Eighth Page

Summa Journal

June 6: Yo Journal, Just got back from Andover and I’m totally pumped for a sweet summer. My plan is to get ladies, get built, get ladies and spend some quality time loitering at the mall near my house. I’ll look like a total bro and the chicks will dig me. Anyway gotta run—I’m about pick me up some food, son. June 10: Waddup Journal? I was bout to hit up the gym to get buff, but instead I ended up chillin’ wit my boys. But that’s ok cause I still gots like tres months of summer left to get built. So far I haven’t gotten too many ladies but I when I was wit my boys there were definitely some babes checkin’ us out. They musta liked my shirt cause it’s got a gnome on it and says, “Say hello to my little friend.” I know they were thinking “That dude is a bro, probably gonna’ get buff this summer and get mad ladies” anyway I gotta peace. Shrek is on in ten minutes. June 24: Hey Journal, Got some sweet news. Babe checked me out today. No big deal, same old same old. But I looked her in the eyes, and we both just stared for like 10 seconds. Think she digs me? Just kidding I know she does July 4: Howdy Journal, Happy Fourth of July! Today I’m celebrating America. My family is doin’ this cookout with some family friends, should be aight, not great though. But then the real party begins– I’m hittin’ up my boy Sully’s house! It’s supposed to be off da’ hook. Apparently there will be mad babes and you know what that means: Me getting my game on. July 14: Hey Journal, Today I went to this store and picked me up some muscle milk. Now I just got to hit up the gym, I haven’t yet this summa cus I been really busy, but that’s all about to change I’m gonna get built and get ladies. August 5: Yo Journal, I got some sweet news. Me and my boys just got ourselves tickets to the midnight premier of GI Joe. That’s right! August 7: Waddup Journal? Last night me and my boys hit up the movie theatre for GI Joe. But the sweet news is that these babes were totally checkin’ me out. So I was in line wit my boys jus chillin’ and then I saw these ladies checkin’ me out so I bought one of them a ticket. She was like “Oh thanks.” Basically wanted on right then and there. Then we got in the theatre and she sat between her friends. I was like what is this? So me being the bro ladies man that I am sat behind her. She didn’t say anything to me but I know she was thinkin’ bout it. Plus, some of her hair was maadddd all over my knee, and I was wearing shorts. August 15: Hey Journal, Today I went to the beach. It was pretty chill. And there were some hot ladies there, I know they were checkin’ me out. You know it. Ladies be wantin’ on almost too much! August 30: Waddup Journal? Summer is almost over and I’ve had some good times. Now it’s time to get ready for Andover. I already have some goals for the year. Get ladies, hit the gym at least 8 times a week, and get ladies. Maybe even some chicks too. Who knows. I’m just nuts man. September 10: Hey Journal, Today I packed all my stuff, and tomorrow I’m headin’ up to Andover. I had a sweet summer, now time for a sweet year. See you next summer Journal. Let me know if you see any chicks in my room. -Andrew Wilson