Letters to the Editor

A Note on Abbot Grant Proposals

To the Editor, When Bill Drayton, Ashoka’s Founder, recently received the Fuess Award, he talked about how he had been able to sow seeds of social entrepreneurship at Andover at a young age. In the discussion that followed, someone asked what students could do to surmount the problem of securing funding when they had an idea for a worthwhile project. Listening to the discussion, I wanted to remind students about the Abbot Grant program. Abbot Grants provide an opportunity for students both to design a creative solution to a problem and to learn how to carry it out. Crafting a solid proposal and working collaboratively form the practical part of the process. Under the heading, “About the Association” the website, abbotacademyassociation.org, outlines the areas in which the association gives grants. The board of the Abbot Academy Association awards grants to staff, faculty and students twice a year, holding meetings in both November and May. The deadline for the current round of applications is Friday, April 10 at 4 pm. Natalie Schorr Faculty Liaison for the Abbot Academy Association