In Depth

Views of the Inauguration

“In terms of Obama and the future, one thing will change: optimism. After the last eight years, America is excitedly behind this new brand of politician. However, based on some economic policies already drawn up, many policies won’t change, like simultaneous overspending with lower taxes. I want Obama to succeed, but economically, I don’t see much change.” -Samuel Dodge ’09 Co-President of PA Republicans Club “The biggest issue I’ve had with [Bush] was his initial decision to go to war with Iraq. To be fair, it was not only his failure; it was a collective failure of his administration, American journalists and the American people for not demanding concrete evidence for fear of being called ‘unpatriotic.’ It was a catastrophic, unforgivable failure in my mind.” -Erica Harris ’09 President of PA Democrats Club “Bush is responsible for the poor handling of many events, such as Hurricane Katrina, and can also be held accountable for the declining power of the US internationally. On the other hand, he gave more money to AIDs than any other president. As for the situation in Iraq, it’s too soon to identify that as a success or failure. We’ll have to wait and see.” -Sindhura Chitturi ’09 “I think Obama has to balance what he can do and what is expected of him. Two things Obama will do are to impose much needed regulation on certain sections of the economy, as well as refinance and rebuild institutions that are critical in regulating government which were gutted during the previous administration.” -Charles Cockburn ’11 “During his campaign, Obama promised Americans a lot. My main concern is that he won’t live up to most, if any, of the promises he made about change and progress.” -Cliff Brannan ’11