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Hilarious Red Carpet Moments!

On the Red Carpet at the Oscars in 2001, Butch Jazkynowezk, the star of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first big directing gig, Exterminator, provided us with some great sound bites. Reporter: So, Butch, you’ve been called the new Schwarzenegger, and you worked with him on this film, how does that make you feel? Butch: Oh, it’s great. He’s been a great influence on me so far in my career. I’ll be back… I gotta go feed my award-winning toy poodle named Daisy. She’s a cutie. Butch returns moments later, holding and petting a small dog. Reporter: OK, glad to have you back, Butch. So this film has been compared a lot to Terminator, what do you think are some of the notable differences between Terminator and Exterminator? Butch: Well, in Exterminator, my suit is hot pink. It’s definitely more my style. I think that we will get a lot more out of the female fan base than they did with Terminator. That Sarah Connor is a fox though. Sorry guys, I must be moving along. Hasta la vista, baby! Sharon Stone provided us with some interesting tidbits at the 2002 Academy Awards, especially in regards to the night’s attire. Reporter: So Sharon, lovely dress tonight. Who are you wearing? Sharon: Who am I wearing? What, why? I’m not wearing anyone. I’m wearing clothes. Made of cotton. Not of human skin or anything. What a ridiculous question. Reporter: Ummm, ok… That’s a little creepy, Sharon. Sharon: Fine! I’ve had enough with all the lies! I can’t handle it anymore. It was me. I did it. I killed her and made her into a dress. Reporter: Oh my god! I just meant to ask which designer you were wearing? Not… that! Sharon: Of course, I was just kidding… Umm, yeah, it’s uhh… Men’s Wearhouse. Reporter: Men’s Wearhouse makes men’s clothes. Sharon: Well, I’m special. Ken Tiller, at the 2008 Oscars, provided us with some more funny moments. Reporter: Ken! Glad to have you here. You’re used to doing blockbuster Hollywood movies, but here you are at the Oscars, promoting a small-market foreign dramedy featuring Macaulay Culkin as a magician. Ken: Yes, I have played a comedian on a TV show before, so this was similar. Basically, the film is about the frustration and pain of a modern magician. When I say magic, kids think of Harry Potter or card games. Not tricks involving incredible skill and intellect. I want to change that and show the kids the true meaning of magic. I remember my eighth birthday, when I had a magician come to my house. Besides the death of my best friend James when the whole cutting-in-half trick didn’t work properly, it was the greatest day of my life. Reporter: Okay well then, do you have any last thoughts on your acting career? Ken: Absolutely, I would like to thank all the people who helped me throughout my career. But, how do I look? Am I dressed properly? Reporter: Well, usually people don’t wear purple capes and lime green top hats. But, if you’re going for the magician look, then you might have pulled it off. Ken: Oh, great! That’s exactly what I was going for. Now, if only I could get this damn frog to stop hiding in my hair.