The Eighth Page

What I’m Thankful For By Pocahontas

The past few weeks have been so exciting! I’ve made so many new friends from England, particularly one handsome devil named John Smith. Our relationship started out a bit rocky, with the whole pillaging our land and murdering our families deal, but I think he’s starting to like me, seeing as he hasn’t tried to burn down our village for a few days now. Anyway, the first ever Thanksgiving is approaching. We’re calling it Thanksgiving because we’re giving the white people all sorts of food so they don’t die, and hopefully they’ll thank us. But on the subject of Thanksgiving, I have a lot to give thanks for as well. First, I would like to thank my Daddy, Chief Powhatan, for not executing John Smith and starting a war with the white people that would have completely destroyed our tribe. I feel like the Powhatan people are so much happier alive than they would be dead. Next, I would like to thank my English teacher, Mr. Anderson. My English has improved so much, I think I might finally be able to talk to John in a few weeks. Also, he said that my essays on the benefits of English colonialism in the New World and the best ways to eliminate Native American threats were excellent, and that some people “back home” might want to take a look at them. I would like to give special thanks to all the colors of the wind: brown, turquoise, firehouse red, and flourescent green. I’ve had such a great time singing and painting with you. If you see the wolf that cries at the blue corn moon, thank him for me too. And I am especially thankful to Disney for picking up my movie rights and casting me in the main role. I knew this script was a winner the moment I wrote it. Now I just need to figure out how to ask John to play the role of John Smith. And Disney is already in the process of creating the Pocahontas video game. I’m also going to be getting my license next week. Now I can take the horse out all on my own, and my friends and I don’t need the Chief to take us places anymore. I already have plans to go on the hunt next week with some of my friends. And I already heard some rumors that I am going to get a brand new Mustang for my birthday! Lastly, I am thankful for my health, happiness and freedom. Although we have not gotten along with the white people very well so far, I think that in the future we will all become great friends. They are really quite friendly people if you overlook all the murdering and spreading of deadly diseases. Our tribe has already signed several treaties with them, and although we cannot read the terms, the white people told us they were fair, and we believe them. Who wants to argue with someone pointing a rifle at your face, anyway?