Letters to the Editor

‘Non Scholae’ (11/14)

To the Editor:? In this editorial, you speak primarily about VERY recent graduates. Any contribution that the average alumnus of two or three years could make would not make a significant difference in the lives of Phillips Academy students, and the alumni you speak about are still college students. We are paying for meals, for transportation, for clothes. Some of us are even funding large portions of our tuitions. Also, alumni donations are very clearly not an anomaly. You just received a $10 million dollar donation, and last year, we received a $25 million dollar donation. Your, OUR, endowment is one of the largest high school endowments in the country, and it rivals those of many small colleges. At this point, one of the most significant things we can do to express the love we have for Andover is to return. Many of us paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to come back for a few days. Is love, spirit, or reverence measured in dollars? I would much rather be part of a corps of alumni who express their devotion to the Academy by returning and maintaining an emotional connection with the campus, student body, and faculty, than to simply be a name in a list of donors. Murphy Temple ’08 Yale ’12 CXXX Director of Photography