The Eighth Page

Mr. Clanky

Mr. Clanky, everyone’s favorite resident robot referee, is now spending his later years scattered about the local junkyard as spare parts. We’ve done our best to catalogue the whereabouts of his many appendages, but still have no idea where his spleen might be. Voicebox: Somehow ended up in ‘Lil Wayne and T-Pain’s posession. The “gangsta” musicians have been reportedly sythesizing Clanky’s robot noises with their own. Pot Head: No, Clanky is not a user of cannabis, but rather, his head is an upside-down pot. It was last seen in the kitchen of some woman named Mrs. Jarvis. It was used to boil eggs. Funnel: Formerly used to suck baseballs out of a basket during pitching practice, the funnel is currently being used to siphon lard into Rosie O’Donnell’s mouth. The lady needs her lard.