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Reasons Why Andover Students Are Superior To Exeter Students

If you see an Andover student walking around in a shirt and tie, it’s not because he has to – more likely, he’s just making the obligatory trip to Exeter the next day in order to beat them in pretty much every sport. When Andover students leave the Cage, we don’t have to deal with strange, pasty dirt on our shoes. Exeter students’ angry response to Geek Day is Palm Pilot Synchronization Day. Andover students can walk from a building named after the country’s first president, to one named after the man who invented the telegraph, all on a campus designed by the same man who designed Central Park – Exeter students can walk, I think. Exeter students go crazy when a winged lion tells them to? Really? You’re not making that up? When Andover students go home, they don’t instinctively wake up at 8:00 AM every Saturday. Exeter students don’t understand the “Scorrrrreboaaaard” chant because they’ve never been able to use it. Exeter students are unaware that the internet continues to function after midnight. Oh, wow! A circular table! Can I sit at it? How does it work? This is all so different from a traditional education!