The Eighth Page

Andover Cheers That Didn’t Make The Cut

We’ve got power, We’ve got force, Our endowment is slightly bigger than yours! One, two, three, four Our team is about to score! Five, six, seven, eight Your team is bad! Sports! Sports! Goooooo Sports! Yes, yes, yes we do, … haha, we said “doo” Harkness, what? Harkness Table! Harkness, what? Harkness Table! We are Andover, We are it, We think your team plays poorly. We can wear jeans! We can wear jeans! What can you wear?! Khakis or other trousers made of materials specified in your school’s charter. What do we eat? What do we eat? Red Meat! Red Meat! How do we like it??? Medium rare with a side of fries and some béarnaise sauce… And a Caesar salad before that… And for dessert, how about a crème brulee? Man I’m hungry! One, we are the Big Blue! Two, a little bit louder Three, I still can’t hear you Four, oh no I think I’m deaf Five, no really I can’t hear you Six, please speak up, are you messing with me? Seven, cut it out man, you’re really freaking me out Eight, really? I’m deaf. I should probably consult my physician. Our athletic team is physically superior to your athletic team! Take that you group of malcontents! Our athletic facilities are also superior to your athletic facilities! And Andover graduates get superior jobs and become the bosses of Exeter graduates! Gorillas rule! Griffins don’t exist! Your athletic teams are based on mythological beasts! Ours are based on living primates… That exist. In the real world! And eat bananas. Go Andover! Go Big Blue! We are good, it is true! At academia, not at basketball! But it’s not our fault we aren’t tall! Boo genetics! Go bioengineering!