Letters to the Editor

Response to Phillipian Election Polling

To the Editor:? It is hard for me to accurately gauge the political winds at PA, so I was excited to see In-depth’s Election Poll. However, my happiness lasted about as long as Tom Brady’s football season. While the poll asked some interesting questions, such as what percentage of students support their parents’ candidates, most of the results seemed rather suspect. Case in Point: that 100% of Juniors are backing Obama. This statistic was refuted by a quick search on Facebook, where I found several non-Obama-supporting Juniors in a mere two minutes. Furthermore, the poll asserted that 0 students at Andover supported a third party candidate. I personally am supporting Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party Candidate, for 2008, and I’m sure there are at least a few Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin supporters. I realize that it was impossible to interview every student in the school, and I commend In-depth for attempting to publish a comprehensive survey. However, I would encourage the section to exercise a bit of common sense when analyzing their statistics in the coming weeks (the poll will be serial). Yes, the results were funny, and I’m sure they drew howls of protest from the Young Republicans and Third-Partiers like me. However, it is dismaying to see a section that calls itself “In-Depth” publish such shallow information. Bijan Torabi ’10