Letters to the Editor

Grasshopper Night Without SLAM?

To the Editor:? Whether it is through acting, singing, playing an instrument or dancing, the performing arts at Andover have always held a special and essential spot in the heart of the school. They provide an amazing facet for self-expression, distinct from the classroom and the sports field, showcasing the multitude of talents that Andover students possess. Grasshopper Night has traditionally been the kick-off to the performing arts here at PA, the first real venue of the year for us to showcase these talents. It is a medley of our broad-ranging abilities, from juggling and acting, to singing and dancing. In recent years, however, certain acts have carved out a name for themselves as the highlights of this event, performing year after year to great acclaim from both students and parents alike. One of these acts is SLAM. At every pep rally, every basketball game and, in the past, every Grasshopper Night, SLAM has never failed to astound and invigorate the crowd with its amazing step choreography. It instills Big Blue spirit in its audiences like no other group on campus (except for maybe the Blue Key Heads…sorry, I’m biased), and the crowd after each step is always left wanting more. It is accordingly absurd that they have been denied a spot on the Grasshopper Night roster. Their performance is often the most talked about number of the entire show; in fact, it is sometimes the sole reason people go to Grasshopper Night at all! Though I know the night’s other acts will certainly be entertaining, as they always are, I was personally greatly looking forward to showing off SLAM to my own parents, since I have been raving to them about their step abilities since first seeing them perform. Without SLAM’s inclusion, somehow Grasshopper Night does not feel as special, or as anticipated. The show is supposed to kick-off the performing arts for the year. I ask the Department of Theatre and Dance to let SLAM help, literally, to kick them off as well. Always, Thor Shannon ’09