The Eighth Page

Un-Creasing Girl

Small Child: Oh, drat! My essay is due in two minutes and I just sat on it and now it’s folded in half! Un-Creasing Girl: Oh, child, don’t be sad. Here, let me take a look. Un-Creasing Girl touches the essay and it immediately unfolds, looking brand-new and freshly printed. Small Child: Thanks, Un-Creasing Girl! Un-Creasing Girl: Don’t mention it! All in the name of democracy, child! Don’t you forget that! Meanwhile, in a crease-filled apartment located halfway across the world, a man peers into his closet, in search of a necktie to wear to his nephew’s bar mitzvah. Man: Oh no! My new tie! I just bought it and then suddenly had the urge to twist it sharply and crease it in many places! Now I have to go to a meeting and I don’t have any smooth ties to wear! Un-Creasing Girl climbs out from under the man’s bed with a sheepish grin on her face. Un-Creasing Girl: Don’t you worry, young man! Un-Creasing Girl is here to help! Man: What the #$%@?! Who the #$%@ are you!? Un-Creasing Girl: I’m Un-Creasing Girl, silly! Man: You’re going to jail for trespassing is what you are! The man picks up a nearby phone and dials 911 as fast as he possibly can. Un-Creasing Girl: Honey, what are you doing? Man: You call me a pet name one more time and I’ll crease your face worse than your back fat when you sit down. — Eli Grober