The Eighth Page

Features “What if?”

What if Frank Pinto ’08, Jake Bean ’08, and Spencer Rice ’09 opened up a Mexican restaurant? Their specialty dish would be Pinto Beans & Rice! What if Helen Lord ’10, Dominic Dejesus ’10, Courtney King ’10 and Paul Joo ’08, built their own church? They’d worship Lord Dejesus, King of the Joos! What if Zach Fine ’11 and Edith Young ’11 started up their own Botox clinic? They’d call it “Young & Fine!” What if Alyssa Warren ’08 and Katharine Pearce ’10 wrote a 19th century Russian novel commenting on Nepoleanic Era society? They’d call it Warren Pearce. Get it? What if Olivia Howell ’11 opened a night club for werewolves in a hotel owned by Josephine Moon ’11? It would be called “Howell at the Moon!” What if Hanson Causbie ’08 legally adopted William Burke ’09? He’d be Bill Causbie!